Christian Kaijser, Sr.

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Born in October of 1939 in the small town of Jarpen, Jamtland County, in the northern part of Sweden, Christian Kaijser, Sr. grew up loving hiking, hunting, and skiing around Are and Kallsjon (Kall Lake).

A natural-born entrepreneur, Christian dedicated his career tocksrestablishing, expanding, and turning around countless business ventures throughout Sweden. With a love for good health and high functioning employees, Christian developed numerous successful corporate health programs, by which employees underwent physical assessments and recommendations for improved health habits. These efforts eventually led Christian to a high profile position within Sophiahemmet, Sweden’s largest private hospital and medical research center, where he launched Sweden’s Occupational Healthcare industry by starting such ventures as Ostermalmshalsan and Globenhalsan.  Perhaps his most famous and recognizable legacy in Sweden is the founding of the health club association called “Friskis & Svettis”, directly translated to “Healthy & Sweaty.”

Over the years, Christian’s ventures ended up employing many tens-of-thousands of employees and he was also sought after for his expertise in executive leadership training and development, and he spent countless hours with such international corporations as Ericsson, Stora Enso, and Billerud assessing their abilities and

Areskutan and the Kall Church where Christian Sr. was laid to rest
conducting private and group executive leadership training sessions.

As a Co-Founder & Chairman of Career Evolutions, Christian’s knowledge and expertise will continue to live on and evolve along with the company.

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