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We lead the way in helping our clients predict how their employees will perform in different roles, organizations, and cultures. 

Understanding the capability of your employees often times mean the difference between success and failure. Done well, it can increase engagement and productivity levels in your organization.

Career Evolutions offers via its Partnership with ZERORISK a suite of emotional intelligence-based products and services to help you identify top talent, develop your employees, and maximize your human capital to add value to your company's bottom line. Our comprehensive range of assessment solutions can be delivered either on a consultancy basis or as a managed service solution.


ZERORISK Hiring System
The ZERORISK Hiring System is an online, emotional intelligence-based pre-employment assessment program. The system provides a customized behavioral interview guide that helps companies identify top talent and place that talent in the correct roles in their organization to maximize performance, reduce turnover, and increase their recruiting ROI.

ZERORISK Hiring System Certification Training
This certification course will also provide invaluable insight on how to utilize the ZERORISK Profile for Career Pathing of the candidate and/or employee, as well as identify their development needs and management demands to allow for success.

Behavioral Interview Training
Improve candidate assessment skills, streamline your hiring process, and improve your ROI by selecting the most qualified candidate for the position with proven behavioral interview techniques covered in this workshop.

Communication & Team Development Coaching
Provides managers with analysis and counsel on how best to work with their specific teams and each individual member of their team. The principle reason employees stay or leave their present employer is their relationship with their manager—this program helps improve communication and reduce unwanted turnover.

Manager Development Program
Specifically designed to equip, train, and develop individuals who are either new to management roles or are in roles where their interaction and coordination of direct reports is directly tied to core business objectives.

Individual Contributor Development
Our emotional intelligence-based Individual Contributor Development Program is specifically designed to equip, train, and develop individuals who are in a non-people management role in their organizations.

Competency Modeling Consulting
In-depth job analysis and competency modeling consulting provides you with a clear understanding of the critical success competencies for your organization and for various roles.

Career Direction Profile Report
This report is specifically designed to help individuals who are preparing to enter the work world, considering a career change, or interested in being more effective in their present job. It is based on more than 14 years of research in corporations and 30 years of working with individuals.