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We start every client relationship with a free consultation. We assess where you are in your career, what you consider to be your current successes and failures in your job search, what your goals are for moving forward, and how we can get you on your way toward achieving those goals. Your decision to retain us as your Career Management partner is celebrated with an E-agreement, clearly outlining the commitment to evolve your career into a better and more complex form.

Building careers one professional at a time is our job, evolving into what that career will be is yours. As your Career Management Partner we bring clarification and disruption to what you are already doing, and then coach, guide and equip you to do it better, more focused and more effectively.


EVOLVE is the E -behind everything we do. It is the process that drives our career management methodology. Whether through E-docs or E-interviewing, every element of what we do is purposed to drive your professional evolution into a different and ultimately more complex or better form.



Starting at the beginning of you, we work together to identify strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and determine feasible targets. Just like planning a road trip, this is the preparation for your evolution journey.


Upon reviewing your current portfolio, we will spruce up what needs sprucing and create what needs creating. From resumes to letters to profiles, we will work with you to create the portfolio you need to support your search.  We will help you articulate your experience and expectations in documents that represent what employers are looking for in today’s professional environment. We will design the resume format that best represents your career, supplement that with a professional profile if needed, and bring it all back to the jobs at hand through well-crafted cover letters that draw connections between your skills and employer expectations.  You will optimize your job search with marketing letters, effective emails, and even thank you and follow-up communications that keep your name fresh and positive in the mind of the hiring manager. We will even review your LinkedIn Profile and provide you with tips and tricks for improvement.


From branding to networking to your 30-second pitch, we will help make networking a part of your routine by identifying your natural style, professional differentiation, and giving you the tools needed to work it. The cornerstone of any successful job search is the ability to market yourself effectively to the companies and individuals you want to work for. We will also help you assess and evolve your personal brand. This speaks to what others think of you, how you are perceived, and what image and reaction is invoked when your name comes up in conversation. We help you manage your brand, and give you the skills to make your reputation work for you.


The oldest and still most effective marketing & networking medium is the telephone. We will help you perfect your personal introduction, coaching you step-by-step through personalized simulations and feedback. Any job seeker knows the importance of contacting employers by telephone, yet few have the courage or know-how to do it. This unique service will get you ahead of the competition like nothing else. Give yourself the critical edge by learning how to contact hiring managers by phone and make a good first impression. Learn how to put yourself on offense, effectively reach out, get past the gatekeepers, and get results.


As your hard work begins to pay off, you enter the critical phase of interviewing. Get prepared and confident through customized interview simulations covering common and behavioral questions, questions particular to the job at hand, tough questions about what you have or haven’t done. We will also look at questions to ask, when and how to ask, the panel interview, SKYPE interview, or back-to-back with each member of the executive team. We offer post-interview debriefing to look at what you did well, what needs corrected, and where to go from here in terms of next steps in the interview process.


With hard work comes success, and now is the time to assess the job offer, your worth, what you are hoping for and what you absolutely need. The last thing you want to do is make a hasty decision that you will later regret. We will help you consider the whole package, relocation considerations, counter offers, and how to behave throughout the entire process. We will even guide you through your resignation when that time comes.


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