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An Idea is Born

Career Evolutions began from an idea born in the midst of the 2008 financial turmoil, and was officially founded early 2009 by Christian and Julie Kaijser who combined their vision, talents and experience to build a client-centered Executive Recruitment and Career Management company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Servicing clients from day one, the corporate methodology was built and formed based on client and candidate need and profile. Continuously evolving to reflect the ever-changing needs of the market, CE responds to industry highs and lows, economic fluctuations and emerging trends across the business landscape and within the workplace.

Centrally located in Scottsdale, CE’s eclectic office in a classic terra cotta beauty near Scottsdale Quarters and Kierland Commons has seen its share of searches, sourcing and placements, along with a never-ending cycle of career management clients coming, getting jobs and moving on to eventually return as corporate clients looking to hire great candidates.

An Unexpected Turn

When in March of 2012 we learned that CE investor and partner Christian Kaijser, Sr. had passed away in his home up in the northern Swedish town of Kall, Jämtland County, we determined to continue his work in the important area of risk management and emotional intelligence assessments by fully incorporating his vital assessment work and tools into CE operations. This led to a partnership with Zerorisk HR, Inc., a Dallas-based human capital consulting firm specialized in assessments and managing risk among client companies worldwide.

The Show Must Go On

Early 2013 we launched the CE Consulting Services division to broaden our reach and better support our corporate clients and partners through their project and interim needs. This growth continued into 2014 and set the stage for CE’s first affiliate launch, CE Accounting Services (CEAS LLC), which provides accounting and finance support and services to corporate clients. At the same time that CEAS was taking flight, a second launch was being planned for CE’s staffing operations. CE Staffing specializes in temp and temp-to-hire placements for professionals with backgrounds primarily in Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, and Technology.

One Professional at a Time

Recruitment is exciting business, but at CE we never want to get too busy for the individual job seeker looking to get on track and forge ahead to new opportunities. In 2015 Christian launched his weekly Career Coaching Roundtable, a forum for small groups of professionals to seek guidance, share ideas, and gather the tools for a more effective and rewarding job search.

One constant among all of these moving parts is the core of the CE mission, building careers one professional at a time. These careers build divisions and companies and the growth becomes exponential. CE is all about stability through change, and keeping calm while disrupting to evolve careers through the talents and the knowledge of the CE, CEAS and CE Staffing warrior.