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It is with deep gratitude and excitement that I would like to share I have accepted a new job opportunity with Advent eModal in Product Engineering, beginning on June 21st !

I am looking forward to embarking on this next chapter in my career. This would not be possible without my Career Coach Christian Kaijser who guided and advised me to find my dream job. If you are looking for a career coach to do the same for you, this is your guy


I had a very good call yesterday. I was told that I am the top candidate for the position. I am glad that I finally have an offer with so many interviews going on.

At first, I was very hesitant to seek help initially in regards to the interview as I was getting a lot of calls and busy dealing with them until the final stages. But I did realize that there needs to be some sort of guidance as to what to expect and how to answer in those crucial stages of the interview. The fact that you were able to address the shortcomings rather than offering me your complete package or resume/linkedin, made things possible. I feel you fulfilled that role successfully and carried me over the finish line as expected. Thank you for all your efforts, it was great working with you. Thank you!


“After working with Career Evolutions to revise my resume, I am pleased to report that I have had more interviews in the past month than I had in the six months prior to upgrading my resume”

I knew I needed a resume that captured my experience in a more compelling way but I just couldn’t organize it without your help. I appreciate that you were receptive to my feedback and continued to refine my resume until I was completely satisfied with the result. The cover letter samples have also been a huge help and time saver. I now feel completely confident when sending out my resume and cover letter. Thanks


“Great news! I was offered the job today and I will be starting in 2 weeks.”

I am so grateful for your guidance and feedback along the way, and I know how much you helped me get through each step of the process.
I hope I am with them for many, many years, but I will definitely reach out if I decide to look for another job in the future. Many thanks!


“Thanks for all your help with the process”

You are a much more dedicated recruiter than anyone I have worked with before. I would defiantly work with you again in the future (if needed) and recommend you to peers that are looking for work.


“Thank you very much”

I wanted to let you know I canceled my LinkedIn Premium Profile account tonight since I got the awesome job! “



“Christian, I wanted to thank you for you time and your insight on Friday, it was very helpful in preparing for my interview, especially in discussing the salary. I was offered the position this morning and I accepted.


“I really appreciate working with you guys”

I met Christian last Friday and it was a very helpful roundtable. I learned a lot of things about doing the search and expanding my network. I will definitely drop by again for another session at the roundtable table….I like how you guys do things. You know I am from back East so recruiters are really pushy just calling everybody who seems to fit the job descriptions they have. You guys are very relaxed and somehow take things deeper.  “


“Wow….I can’t believe you got that down to 2 pages!!!”

Looks great…I appreciate you spending the time to revamp it!!! I have no issues with anything you have done here, I reviewed it and please do use it wherever you may think of submitting me for!!!! Thanks!


“This looks amazing!”

I never thought my resume would ever look this professional. Thank you so much. “


“You are absolutely amazing!! OMG!! ”

I cannot believe you just came up with [this cover letter], it is beautiful! Can you please write my dissertation?


“Your kindness is greatly appreciated”

At this moment in my life I have had many questions regarding my career path. Many times I have felt trapped not knowing if I even had many options to make a career path. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn about your services. Most importantly, I am grateful for the time and energy you have shared with me in order to help me consider several realistic options. “


“I would like to thank ALL of the staff at Career Evolutions for your hard work and well executed hiring of our new CEO”

This is a critical role that was originally going to be hired by a larger, national executive search firm. Who needs a big firm when we have you guys!!! THANK YOU!!!


“Thank you for your help in my journey to land a new position in Arizona”

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the advice and information from you and your team at Career Evolutions. I truly appreciate everything you have done. “


“I will recommend anyone over to you who needs career assistance!”

I just had to send you a thank you note. I already had two organizations call me for interviews this week and a second interview scheduled for next week. The edited cover letter and resume gave my applications the direction they needed. It also helped with my confidence in applying. I feel prepared and polished instead of scared and ill prepared.


“Thank you my friend!!!! I appreciate all the support! Talk soon!”

I just wanted to let you know that I interviewed for the District Manager position and they offered me the Regional Manager position!!! That is what I am talking about!!!!Needless to say I am going to sign and wanted to thank you for calling me and giving me the advice before I had the interview! “


“My experience with Career Evolutions could not have been better”

After contacting them by email I was set up with an appointment within a week that worked with my schedule. The meeting consisted of discussing possible companies to look for, ways to improve my networking, going over my resume and cover letters, and talking about companies that Career Evolutions could get me in contact with. After the meeting my resume and cover letter were sent to another member of Career Evolutions who not only spent a couple hours revamping it, but did so on a holiday weekend. I could not be happier with my decision to get in contact with Career Evolutions, their level of professionalism and caring is something that I have not seen in any of my other interactions with recruiting agencies. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional help finding a job.


“I couldn’t recommend them more to both companies and job seekers alike!”

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve had several consecutive years of unemployment, of which I’ve interacted with (or often, attempted to interact with) numerous, probably hundreds, of recruiters and agencies, and I would confidently say that literally 99% are terrible… no, downright atrocious. Their general ability to communicate with, and properly vet job seekers for increasingly complex job positions is almost non-existent in the majority of cases. The rampant use of known-to-be-flawed filtering algorithms contained in applicant tracking software, and the subsequent laziness on agents’ part, is a major hindrance for employer and employee alike. I’ve been on both sides of that fence in this market, and I can’t conjure up many, if any, good things to say about this ineffectual process.
That said, Christian & Co. at Career Evolutions was the absolute converse experience as described above. In these trying times, they are essentially the anti-agency: Doing things in a way that others, both big and small, have utterly lost touch with. They are maybe one of two agencies in the last three years that I can say that about. From the very outset, I very much felt like they had done their legwork, both in understanding the company profile and its needs, as well as understanding me as a candidate.


“I want to truly give Christian a well-deserved thanks for his efforts in helping me to market my services after being laid off in July 2012”

He helped me overcome a couple of concerns prospective employers had about my length of service through role playing and counseling, and enhanced my ability to network with fellow professionals in healthcare financial management. In just six weeks, I landed another financial management position as an Assistant CFO. He also gave me valuable information about negotiating offers once they are received, and knowing I could be in the driver’s seat in spearheading this discussion. I have now landed the best compensation package I have ever enjoyed in my twenty year career in an area with a low cost of living and close proximity to my family. If any of you prospective clients have doubts about utilizing his services, let it be known emphatically that Christian can assist you in building your career portfolio and getting you back on your feet.


“Christian was able to provide the encouragement needed to make me see I was the leading candidate”

Christian and the Career Evolutions team truly know the current trends regarding the job search and interview process. Christian took the time to prepare me for each round of the interview process. In doing so, Christian not only prepared me for the different questions I would be facing, but the person whom I would be meeting. By combining these two elements, I was able to develop an interview strategy that would address the needs of the organization in a manner that was relevant to the interviewer. After each interview, Christian would make himself available to debrief each meeting and conversation. This would be a time of working through any errors or complex questions I faced, as well as preparing me for the next steps. These next steps involved planning thank-you letters, salary negotiations, and follow-up. Because of Christian’s in-depth knowledge of the interview process, he was 100% accurate with each of his recommendations. He knew exactly what the company was thinking and preparing. “


“Thank you for everything Christian! Thank you for everything Julie! Thank you for everything Career Evolutions”

I was looking for a new challenge and kept striking out. That’s when I took a friend’s advice and gave Christian a call. I couldn’t be happier! The entire team at Career Evolutions jumped into action and championed my cause. They were an integral part of my job search and deserve much of the credit for my success! From rewriting all of my documents to teaching me how to leverage LinkedIn to find and contact hiring managers to coaching me how to nail the interview…phenomenal! As a result I was recently offered (and accepted) a better job in Austin, TX.


“If you want your career to evolve in the right direction, Career Evolutions can serve as your guide”

After serving in a Senior Executive position for 13 years I was recruited to interview for a Chief Operating Officer position out of state. I was referred to Christian and the Career Evolutions Team through a network peer and I could not be more grateful. Christian led me through a thorough process to insure “the grass was actually greener”, the organization leadership and I were a match, and that this opportunity truly aligned with my career objectives. The interview preparation was challenging and extensive – as professionals we don’t interview for a living, we lead for a living so it was comforting to enter this process well practiced and prepared. I quickly became the preferred candidate and there is no doubt that it was the result of my work with Career Evolutions.  “


“The team at Career Evolutions really helped me get focused on my job search”

They have the background and experience to help through some of the tough parts, like keeping your cool during interviews and pre-screenings. I greatly appreciated their guidance in editing my resume and preparing practice interview questions. Most of us don’t look for work often enough to develop our job hunting skills to the fullest. Career Evolutions helped me gain the skills and confidence to present myself well and interview like a pro.


“I’m extraordinarily happy with their services and have already referred them other professionals considering a move”

I just completed a successful offer and counter offer negotiation between my employer and another potential suitor. Julie made great updates to my resume and Christian made himself available at the drop of a hat to coach and talk through my options and progress. His confidence and experience navigating the process made me much more level-headed and confident as a negotiator, ultimately helping lead to a great outcome. “


“Thanks again for the help on the resume as I truly believe that was the key to getting noticed”

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that I accepted a job over the weekend using last week the last version of my resume that you created. Out of roughly ten positions I applied for, I received two interviews and one job offer.


“Thank you so very much for all your help with my documents”

I just wanted to let you know that I have an interview tomorrow for that position that you wrote my Resume and Cover Letter. I am so very excited for this opportunity. “


“Christian and his team provided me with the support I needed to be able to land a great job just a few months out of college”

Julie creates great looking resumes and Christian has first-hand experience as a recruiter which allows you to get an insider’s perspective as to what is going on in the head of the hiring manager during the employment process. Without their help I would not have had the confidence to excel during the interviewing process and eventually get offered the exact position I desired.


“I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a positive change in their professional career”

When I found myself ready to change careers after 13 years with the same company, I had no idea where to begin. I was sending out a resume created by myself to random opportunities posted on job boards and getting nowhere. I was sent to Career Evolutions through a referral, and it was one of the best decisions I have made! Christian gave me guidance in determining where my strengths lie, put together an amazing resume and cover letters, and set me on the right path to find a job I would be truly happy with. I was able to find a great opportunity within three months. “


“THANK YOU so much for all of the coaching you gave me!”

Without your advice and guidance, along with Julie revising my resume, I do not think I would have been able to secure this fantastic opportunity. Many of the ideas and suggestions, along with the hours you gave to me two years ago, have proven to be very successful. What makes you and your company stand out from the others is your attention to detail, promptness, and availability. Though you were very busy, you made me feel as though I was the only client you had and gave me the necessary time I needed to feel comfortable with my upcoming interview.


“I met Christian through a friend, and his work on my resume really helped me in my job research”

I am from France and I decided to move to New York in order to give a big push to my career. But, as a foreigner, I had a hard time fighting with my resume and application leading to nowhere. Coming from France, where the job market is totally different as well as the way to write your resume in the US, it was very hard to build a real stong resume fitting the American market. “


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